Women's Equality

“I promise to continuously listen and learn from the voices of women and to serve alongside them in the fight for gender equality.”
– Bryan Townsend

Nearly 100 years have passed since the enactment of the 19th Amendment, yet women still face discrimination and inequality in their daily lives. Not only do women earn 22 percent on average less than men across all areas of employment, but women are often denied paid family leave by their employer, further setting them back in the work place. Women should not be forced to choose between their families and their careers. In Congress, Bryan will fight hard to establish paid family leave across the country, ensuring paid leave is available to all families regardless of their employer’s politics on the issue.

As a State Senator, Bryan has championed the health and wellness of women in Delaware. He strongly supports fully funded, unrestricted access to affordable women’s health care, provided by organizations like Planned Parenthood, which ensures women have full control and choice over their own health care decisions. Additionally, in concert with advocates and survivors across the state, Bryan is working to improve the policies that protect survivors of rape, sexual assault, abuse, and harassment.

Bryan has always made women’s equality a priority for Delaware, and he will continue to do so while serving in Congress.