Social Security and Medicare

“Social Security and Medicare are two of the greatest programs ever created by our government. While some in Washington want to privatize Social Security and make cuts to Medicare, I pledge to protect and strengthen these critical programs for our seniors.”
-Bryan Townsend

Social Security

Social Security is one of America’s greatest public programs.  A fundamental security for senior citizens should never be privatized and put in peril.

Bryan will fight to eliminate the payroll cap so that Social Security will remain solvent for years to come.  With the tremendous economic inequality now rampant in America, and with pensions no longer poised to be as strong and sustainable as they were before, the current payroll cap is outdated.  The lion’s share of new economic wealth is flowing to the top wage earners, outside the reach of the payroll tax.  By asking the wealthiest to pay more meaningfully into Social Security, we would extend Social Security’s solvency for up to 75 years and strengthen this imperative support for seniors.

Bryan will also fight to ensure cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) so that seniors can keep up with the rising costs they face.  While housing and healthcare costs continue to increase, social security recipients saw no increase in benefits in 2016 because of the flawed calculation for COLA.  We should fix the formula to more accurately reflect rising costs and make sure that seniors are able to live with financial security.


Bryan strongly supports Medicare and will stand up against efforts to weaken or phase out the program. Medicare spends a fraction of what insurance companies spend on overhead and is more efficient than the private sector. Instead of cutting a successful and critical program, we should find ways to make Medicare even more robust and effective.

One of these ways is to permit Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. Americans pay more for prescription drugs than people in other countries do, because we don’t allow Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. By making this change, Medicare will save billions of dollars and Americans across the board will benefit from lower prescription drug prices.  Bryan will stand in strong support of this and other measures that will maintain and improve Medicare for America’s seniors.