Quality, Affordable Health Care

The Affordable Care Act helped more Americans to secure insurance than ever before and ended the immoral practice of denying health coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions.  While the law and its implementations have not been perfect, Bryan strongly believes that it is worth fighting to make the ACA better, not to repeal this landmark legislation.

That means reducing plan costs for individuals and small businesses, as well as removing any barriers or disincentives for employers to increase their number of employees or their employees' work hours.

It also means a renewed focus on the true cost-drivers of health care across all federal health program, including Medicare and Medicaid. Bryan has supported legislation increasing access to affordable care through telemedicine and by allowing nurses with advanced training to provide specific patient care previously reserved for higher-priced doctors. 

As Chair of the Senate Health, Children, & Social Services committee, Bryan knows that Delaware outspends nearly every state on health care yet achieves suboptimal results. He is committed to working with stakeholders to rein in health care spending. He believes that Delaware has the potential to be truly visionary by adopting some form of a single-payer system focused on the quality of health outcomes rather than the quantity of services provided.