Health Care

“The Affordable Care Act was a landmark achievement that expanded coverage to millions of Americans. We can make the ACA better by increasing coverage options, improving care, and lowering rates — all while ensuring the system does not burden small businesses with compliance costs or give anyone pause before hiring workers or expanding work hours.”
- Bryan Townsend

The Affordable Care Act helped more Americans to secure insurance than ever before and ended the immoral practice of denying health coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions.  While the law and its implementations have not been perfect, Bryan strongly believes that it is worth fighting to make the ACA better, not to repeal this landmark legislation.

In a Congress where Republicans have unsuccessfully voted to repeal the ACA time and time again, we need someone willing to do what is necessary to make a good thing even better. That means reducing plan costs for individuals and small businesses, as well as removing any barriers or disincentives for employers to increase their number of employees or their employees' work hours.

It also means a renewed focus on the true cost-drivers of health care across all federal health program, including Medicare and Medicaid. As a Senator, Bryan supported legislation increasing access to affordable care through telemedicine and by allowing nurses with advanced training to provide specific patient care previously reserved for higher-priced doctors. In Congress, Bryan will also take a hard look at ways we could reduce the cost of medication, while increasing federal funding for research and development of treatments for some of our most pervasive diseases.  As a supporter of Medicare and Medicaid, Bryan will push to allow Medicare to negotiate bulk rates for prescription drugs and support efforts to modernize Medicaid enrollment.