Gun Safety

“The epidemic of gun tragedies in our communities is unconscionable. We must demand common-sense solutions that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.”
–Bryan Townsend

Guns are responsible for 88 deaths per day in America. From Sandy Hook to San Bernardino, America suffers from an epidemic of gun violence. Each day, we needlessly lose so many lives.

While no legislation can stop every gun tragedy, common-sense gun safety regulations at the state level have successfully decreased gun violence where they have been passed into law.  We should implement these proven methods at the federal level to greatly reduce gun violence nationwide.

As a State Senator, Bryan Townsend supported legislation to close Delaware’s gun-show loophole and prevent straw purchases. In Congress, Bryan will stand up to the NRA and fight for sensible gun safety legislation to:

  • expand background checks; 
  • reinstate the federal ban against automatic, military-style firearms
  • require responsible storage in the home;
  • strengthen reporting requirements;
  • close the no-fly list loophole; and
  • lift the federal ban on gun violence research.

Bryan will also support law enforcement efforts to identify and put an end to illegal sales of firearms that consistently flood the streets of America's cities and towns.