“Climate change is real. The consequences of ignoring it will be devastating to our economy today and to the quality of life for our children tomorrow.”
- Bryan Townsend

Uniquely positioned in the heart of the mid-Atlantic, Delaware benefits from an abundance of natural resources. From our beautiful beaches to our fruitful farmlands, we are blessed with a diverse landscape. We must take steps in Washington to preserve these blessings. As our planet warms and our climate changes, sea level rise will threaten our beloved summer retreats, and extreme weather will put our crop yield at risk.

In a nation of innovation we can accelerate our transition to clean energy sources without jeopardizing our economic competitiveness around the world. Washington should lead the way with policies that encourage investment in green technologies – a sector that added more than 1 million jobs over the last year and that employs nearly 8 million Americans in 2016.

In Congress, Bryan will support policies that reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil, which in turn will make us more secure here at home. He will work to level the playing field for renewable energy producers competing with the gas and coal industries that for too long have seen preferential treatment in Washington. And he will also encourage increased partnerships between the private sector and our universities and research institutions to accelerate science-based solutions to our environmental challenges.