Campaign Finance Reform

“The only way to end ‘politics as usual’ is by ending the destructive influence of big money in politics.”
–Bryan Townsend

As a result of recent Supreme Court decisions, special interests can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the outcomes of elections and legislation. Since the Citizens United ruling in 2010, Super PACs have spent more than $1 billion on federal elections, and they’re planning to spend even more in 2016. Money is corrupting our politics.

Bryan understands that campaign finance reform is at the heart of fixing our political system.  In 2013, he joined 34 of his colleagues in the Delaware General Assembly to call on our U.S. Congressional delegation to pass an amendment to the Constitution reversing Citizens United.  Bryan then sponsored legislation to overturn Citizens United through an Article V Convention. He shepherded the bill successfully through the Senate, and it now awaits a vote in the House.

In Congress, Bryan will be a leading voice for campaign finance reform by continuing the fight for a constitutional amendment to eliminate big money in politics. In addition, he will work to pass the DISCLOSE Act and support other efforts to increase transparency and fix our broken campaign finance system.